New design
July 11th 2001
Welcome to the new FractalZone website, you will discover quite a lot of changes in the presentation. There is a new logo, new menu and a lot of other changes.
 Software review: Flarium24
May 24th 2001
I wrote a small review of the fractal software I currently use the most: Flarium 24.
 Small changes
March 18th 2001
I slightly modified the appearence of the galleries and added a thumbnail in the front of each link to a gallery.
 New galleries
March 5th 2001
Four new galleries have been added to Fractalzone. One by season: springtime, summer, autumn and winter.
 New galleries
February 12th 2001
Two new galleries are available. The first one contains various fractals based on spirals. And the last one shows multiple fractals with the very typical Mandelbrot's set.
The old galleries will be removed soon, but all their fractals will still be available in new galleries. is born
February 8th 2001
Welcome to the new location of fractalzone! After long hesitations, I decided to register a domain for this site. The hosting is provided by Tiscalinet Belgium thanks to their 'freedom' project.
 Website policy
February 8th 2001
Although I now sell posters made from my fractals at ImagingWeb, I decided to continue to provide high resolution pictures (up to 1024x768 pixels). Fractalzone will remain completely free and all the pictures will be available free for private use.
 Buy posters
January 31st 2001
You can now buy high quality posters of some of my fractals at ImagingWeb.
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